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Book your Eventing clinic or clinic series now!

Vicki is a gifted Eventing coach. With expert advice in dressage, show jumping and cross country, she can improve performances of horse and rider and can weave the three phases together as only an eventing coach can.

Whether you choose a single clinic or a series of clinics, Vicki has the ability to customize the learning experience making each rider successful. Both riders and horses come away from the clinic with new skills and a renewed confidence to perform at their best.

Vicki’s Clinic Series is designed to progress horses and riders towards their goals in a systematic progressive manner over three months. It’s a great way to jump start your season!

Your custom clinic can include Physical Therapy assessments and treatments for riders geared towards improving performance in the saddle. In addition to an outstanding clinic experience, Vicki will present a 1hr lecture with Q&A one evening and for the clinic series Vicki provides homework to last riders until the next clinic.
Typical Formats:
• 1 ¾ hr lessons with groups of 4-5 riders will ride once each day
o 2 day clinic – combined flatwork & SJ on Saturday and XC on Sunday
o 3 day clinic – Friday dressage, Saturday SJ, Sunday XC
• Clinic can include Physical Therapy Assessment/Treatments – please inquire for more details
• Or customize the format to meet your needs

Lecture Presentations Currently Available:
• Developing an Event horse – Strategies for success
• Overcoming Training challenges – What you can do on a budget
• Plan for success – Strategies for planning for a successful Eventing season
• Five simple exercises to Improve your position- an interactive lecture
• Trigger Point Dry Needling – Fix those pains that have been there forever or since your last fall
• Traveling with the US Equestrian Team – An amazing journey
• Fitness and conditioning of horse and rider – The whole picture
• Other topics can be requested

Let me know if your club or group has special requests for presentations or clinic focus or would like to arrange a custom clinic.


Area IX clinics are very affordable due to low travel costs.

Contact Vicki for current clinic rates and availability.



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