“Vicki’s depth of knowledge is exceptional.  She is a gifted horsewoman, rider, trainer and teacher who incorporates sport psychology into every lesson in order to bring out the best in each horse and rider.” -Karen O’ Connor 1996 Individual Silver Medalist, Three-Day Eventing; 5 Time Olympic Eventing Team Member

“Vicki is an amazing instructor! I would highly recommend her for all level riders looking to advance there riding skills. Every horse and rider combination are different and Vicki is able to recognize this and tailor to their needs as individuals .  As a serious competitor and trainer, I have found Vicki’s instruction invaluable”.  Diana Rothman-Norris

“Riding with Vicki is incredibly fun!! Every lesson has been challenging yet positive for both my horses and myself. I always leave excited to come back! As a trainer, Vicki has this incredible attention to detail. She doesn’t miss anything! When that’s paired with her highly trained eye, the result is some really awesome coaching!!  I really appreciate how Vicki challenges me to be a better trainer and rider. I also think Vicki really strives to help her students bring out the best in their horses, and that is the mark of a trainer who really cares”. Taylor Faccio

“Every rider have met someone who really changed their riding and that is irreplaceable. For me, this person is you. I hope I’ll get a chance to ride with you again someday, if you want to come visit France call me!!!!” 

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE FOR ME!!!! You taught me all my dressage basis, you got me to understand so much about horses and horse-riding. Everything I do with horses is because of you, I know I wouldn’t have been able to do all that without you. All the times I road my horse by myself and knew what to do, how to proceed, what to start with, what to feel was because of you. All the times people were telling me to do things and I was like “huuum, no, I don’t think I should do that” and I finally was right, is because of you. And I’m going to go further than that, I know that if my horse is still able to compete and is not physically broken it is because you taught me how to be careful, I was able to feel when she was hurt so I couldn’t work her, I was able to know what exercises to do to work her the right way and get her well-muscled.  I was able to check her limbs and see when something was wrong. I was also able to change coach a couple times because I know when someone isn’t able to teach me the right way, the way I want to ride, with feelings, logic, and care for the horse. During all the hard times I’ve got with her and I still have today, I think about you, and I promise that’s true, because you made my horse-riding strong, and as soon as I left your barn, I had all the clues to succeed and face the obstacles.”-Elisabeth Courbaud 

“My Morgan mare and I have learned a tremendous amount from Vicki over the last year.  When I first started my weekly lessons I told her that I wanted a nice light and responsive horse and I wanted to be a balanced and effective rider with soft hands. I want to be the kind of rider that a horse wants to have on it’s back. Vicki is an incredibly insightful instructor who has a positive approach to helping the rider help the horse.  We all know that horse training is not linear, Vicki always has the long term goal in mind and knows the different training phases a horse needs to go through to achieve it.  She has numerous approaches to explaining her point to me when one way does not seem to work. Sometimes an  ‘out of the box’ approach is what is needed and she is the one to try it. Using video recordings has also been a really helpful way for me to see what is going on from the ground, this has been helpful and fun!
Vicki has pushed our training progress more quickly in the beginning than I imagined.  I guess she had more trust in me than I had! I appreciate her skill, patience and desire to teach and help others.  I have referred several friends (kids and adults) to her who have all enjoyed their lessons.
My mare has presented us with some challenges, but we continue to move forwards in our training, and at the end of the day, it is still fun!” -Silja Knoll

“I first met Vicki during a clinic in Grand Junction.  She did an amazing job getting my very young and green horse (who was 3.5yrs old at the time) to balance and use her back.  When I moved back to the Front Range I was excited to find her up near where I lived.  I’ve been taking lessons with her for two years and have never had a lesson I didn’t feel completely empowered.  She accomplishes this by talking to you about any training/behavior concerns, watching you and your horse go and then addressing the issue.

I’ve always taken with the trainers who screamed at you on a regular basis and had come to just accept it as the norm.  I have enjoyed how kind Vicki is.  She makes a very strong effort to ensure that you completely understand what she’s saying and having you do, instead of just screaming at you when you do something wrong.  I find this very helpful so that I can better understand the exercise and practice it between lessons. I’ve always enjoyed my lessons with Vicki and the quality of training I receive”. – Michelle McNamara

Ashley has been an amazing trainer from day one for me. Her positive approach to teaching, dedication and continuous support is what makes her such an exceptional trainer. She always went above and beyond to help me achieve my goals with my horse. Ashley develops strong relationships with her students creating a very fun teaching and learning environment. In the years I was away from home I knew my horse and I could not have made it as far as we had without her! I am so thankful to Ashley for all her help and guidance. I know she will always be there for me when I need any advice or support.”  –Ella Detwyler