CSU Intercollegiate Team FAQs

CSU Intercollegiate Eventing Team

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Instagram: #ToBeAnnouncedSoon


Ashley Carr, (970)219-5667, ashleycarrVBEventing@gmail.com

Vicki Baker, (303)815-7587. vickibakereventing@gmail.com

Assistant coach: Cayla Stone (970)232-5917, Cayla.stone@yahoo.com


Supervisor: Tiare Santistevan, (970) 988-8704, TIARE.SANTISTEVAN@colostate.edu



To be eligible to compete on the official team you must:

  • Pay English Riding club dues: Rider $30; Non riding member: $15
  • Be a CSU student or alumni (includes post grad)
  • Be a USEA member in good standing
  • Declare your intent including level(s): ie ride at Novice level, or groom for team.
  • Attend 75% of mounted meetings.
  • Attend 75% of mounted meetings or demonstrate proficiency at skills listed above.
  • Enter shows by Closing date per USEA rules and declare your team name on your entry form.
  • Display CSU team logo during riding phases and course walks at events.
  • Participate in a short team building meeting at the beginning of each show.
  • Have a current signed liability release on file with Ashley Carr and Vicki Baker Eventing LLC


USEA Membership discount:

  • Effective Immediately – For all Intercollegiate students to receive the USEA Collegiate discounted rate, team rosters must be received by the USEA by February 15th of each year.
  • Students will NOT receive the USEA Collegiate discounted rate after February 15th.


At Events:

  • Mandatory Team building meeting and team photo at commencement of show
  • Cross County and Show Jumping course walks
  • Presentation/turnout – meet the standard discussed at unmounted meetings
  • braiding for dressage and show jumping
  • CSU Quarter mark for all three phases
  • Iron on CSU logo on pads
  • It is ok to use own trainer for warmups and additional course walks – We’d like to partner with your trainer to ensure your success!
  • Coaching in warmup and schooling rounds discounted $50/day (from $75/day)
  • High School Teams/Aspiring CSU students may be fielded at unofficial team competitions.


USEA Area IX events:

  • See vickibaker.com for comprehensive schedule
  • Official Team competitions:
    • The Events at Skyline
    • The Events at Rebecca Farms
    • The Events at Archer
  • Unofficial Team competitions:
    • Spring Gulch HTs
    • Powder Basin HT
    • Schooling shows TBD

Mandatory mounted

  • Most will take place at Bella View Farm 7141 CR 100, Wellington, CO
  • Other locations may include: Archer XC, Spring Gulch XC, Mile Hi horse Ranch, CSU riding arena.
  • Lesson horses and tack available at $25/horse/ride
  • Skills for team competitions
    • Dressage test practices
    • XC schools
    • SJ course practice
  • Conditioning
  • Steeplechase skills
  • Roads and Tracks strategies
  • Jog up practice
  • And more


Mounted Meeting rates:

  • Discounted from $55 to $40 (Plus trailer in fee of $15)
    • checks made payable to VBE LLC or
    • Venmo to @vicki-baker-11
    • Zelle – vickibakereventing@gmail.com
  • cross country schooling facility fees may apply (XC facility fees range from $5-$20). Made payable to facility
  • Lesson horses available ($25/horse): Reserve your horse by contacting Ashley and Vicki
  • If you are already participating/have a financial agreement with Ashley Carr and Vicki Baker Eventing LLC your mounted sessions can be absorbed into your agreement. Unmounted session will be above and beyond your financial agreement.


Mounted Dates (sessions will be approx. 1 hour; groups may be divided by level and to keep class size small)

  • Feb 15th Saturday 2:00
  • March 14th Saturday 2:00
  • March 28th Saturday 2:00
  • April 4 Saturday 2:00
  • April 18 Saturday 2:00



Mandatory unmounted meetings in conjunction with Monday night riding club meetings and/or some Saturdays ($25/meeting).

  • Sew in Braiding
  • CSU Quarter marks
  • Wrapping
  • After care XC
  • 10 minute box training
  • Planning your competitions schedules
  • Planning your vet work and farrier schedules
  • Booting
  • Sportsmanship
  • Horse handling
  • And more


Unmounted Meetings:

  • $25 per session
  • open to all English Riding club members, high school and community college students aspiring to be a part of the CSU Eventing team in the future.


Unmounted: (weeknight) some weekend date may be announced

  • March 16th Monday immediately following riding club meeting
  • March 30th Monday immediately following riding club meeting
  • April 13th Monday immediately following riding club meeting
  • April second date TBD


What will it cost:

  • 4 mounted sessions = $220
  • 4 unmounted session = $100
  • 1 cross country schooling fee: $20
  • Coaching at an event (if needed) = $100-150
  • Entry fee and stabling for the event = $100-$350


Working Student Opportunities at Bella View Farm (to help offset costs of meetings/coaching):

  • $10/hr – manual labor jobs like mucking, water tanks, rock collection, sweeping, raking, tack cleaning etc
  • $high rates available to those that have higher level skills: tractor competency, consistent mucking days, horse handling skills etc.
  • Flexible or consistent schedules available



Lease horses available:

  • Amazing lease horses available at all levels
  • Rates begin at $700/month
  • Working student hours can be used to offset lease fee
  • Short term and long-term leases available
  • All leases are onsite at Bella View Farm
  • Contact Ashley and Vicki for more information


Fundraising and Sponsorship:

  • May companies are interested in sponsoring Intercollegiate Teams
  • It will be up to participants to fundraise and secure sponsors
  • It is possible to fundraise to cover all expenses.
  • Bella View Farm is willing to donate our facility (value of $1000/day) if the Event team would like to put on a schooling event to raise funds.



For the Great news:
The USEA Intercollegiate Program is headed West! A new team challenge has been added to the 2020 calendar and will act as a pilot year for a 2021 USEA Intercollegiate Eventing West Coast Championships. Find all the details here: Why You Need to Compete in the 2020 Fresno Intercollegiate Team Challenge<https://nam01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fuseventing.com%2Fnews-media%2Fnews%2Fheres-why-you-need-to-compete-in-the-2020-fresno-intercollegiate-team-challenge&data=02%7C01%7Ctiare.santistevan%40colostate.edu%7Caed1348bf74d42eb6a0a08d7afdc3989%7Cafb58802ff7a4bb1ab21367ff2ecfc8b%7C0%7C0%7C637171232711399437&sdata=RsBBVPKi7jcDp0YBTiXdACWHj3LpP3jn9XrfcFVAYJo%3D&reserved=0>.