CSU Intercollegiate Eventing Team

Ashley Carr and Vicki Baker are proud to announce the official beginning of the CSU Incollegiate Eventing Team.

“We are very excited to partner with CSU to promote the sport of Eventing through the USEA Intercollegiate Eventing Program.  We are working hard with Area IX event organisers to create opportunities for Incollegiate team competitions.”

The Event at Skyline in Mt. Pleasant UT and the Event at Archer in Cheyenne, WY will be hosting a team challenge.

Our roster is filling up and will be closed for the 2020 season on Feb 15th – contact us ASAP  if you wish to be considered for the team!

CSU Intercollegiate Certificate


About the USEA Intercollegiate Eventing Program

The USEA Intercollegiate Eventing Program was established in 2014 to provide a framework within which eventing teams and individual competitors could flourish at universities and colleges across the country. The USEA offers a discount of $25 on annual USEA memberships for current students of universities and colleges registered as Affiliates with the USEA. Many events across the country now offer Intercollegiate Team Challenges where collegiate eventers can compete individually as well as on teams with their fellow students. In Intercollegiate Team Challenges, each rider’s score is multiplied by a coefficient appropriate for their level to account for differences in level difficulty and then the individual scores are added together to determine the team score.


Learn more by visiting: USEA Intercollegiate Eventing